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Brockwell Bake's wheat:gateway brings together publicly available data for over 530,599 wheat lines with over 23,188 collection site locations from many wheat germplasm collections including the European Wheat Database, the Vavilov Insitute (Russia), the Australian winter cereals collection, USDA/GRIN (USA), CIMMYT, ICARDA and the Nordic Gene Centre with additional collection site information from FIGS plus pedigree, synonym and genetic data from GRIS and gene symbol and class information from the Catalogue of Gene Symbols (list of genes here) to create a central point to help you find wheat lines of interest to you.

Climate data used in our "climate + wheat search" is from Version 2.0 with climate zoning, present and future by H. E Beck et al. Collection site soil data is from the Harmonized World Soil Database v 1.2

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