Key to gene symbol "germplasm" information

i:Near-isogenic stocks, with number of backcrosses indicated. tv:Tetraploid stocks.
s:Homologous chromosome-substitution stocks, with number of backcrosses indicated. tv2:Tetraploid stocks with two or more genes affecting the trait.
tr:Translocation line of common wheat. idv:Near-isogenic line of diploid wheat.
v:Cultivaral hexaploid stocks in increasing order of genetic complexity. dv:Diploid stocks.
v2:Cultivaral hexaploid stocks with two or more genes affecting the trait. al:Alien species.
ad:Alien chromo some addition line. ma:Reference to mapping information involving agronomic and morphological traits and molecular markers under gene entries will generally be restricted to values of less than 10 cM. Values higher than this would be of less use in genetics and plant breeding and, in any case, should be available from the genetic linkage section of the Catalogue or from genetic maps. Higher values will be used in the case of flanking markers.
su:Alien chromosome substitution line. c:Cloning details and gene structure
itv:Near-isogenic tetraploid stocks.



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Mexico - CIMMYT
United States - USDA-ARS
Australia - AGG
Lebanon - ICARDA
Russian Federation - VIR
Italy - IBBR
Germany - IPK
Poland - IHAR
United Kingdom - GRU-JIC
Bulgaria - IPGR
Czech Republic - RICP
Canada - PGRC
Japan - NARO
France - INRA
Switzerland - ACW
Ukraine - IR
Hungary - RCA
Netherlands - CGN
Italy - ITA266
Italy - CRA-RIS
Turkey - AARI
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Sweden - NORDGEN
Italy - CREA-ZA-LO
Italy - CRA-CER
Serbia - IFVCNS
Austria - BVAL
Romania - BRGV Suceava
Hungary - HAS-ARI
Israel - IGB
Syria - ICARDA
Romania - SCA Turda
Austria - BFLPB
Latvia - LVA010
Italy - ITA079
Italy - ITA034
Italy - CREA-IT-RM
Romania - SCA Simnic
Romania - SCA Suceava
Azerbaijan - GRI
Italy - CRA-ACM
Italy - ITA349
France - GEVES
Romania - SCA Podu Ilo
Austria - RINN
Armenia - ARM002